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Visiting scientists:

Dr Charalampos Lykidis, PhD (Institute of MFE & Forest Products Technology, Greece), COST FP1303, September 2015

Capucine Carlier PhD, candidate (University of Montpellier, France), Trees for Future, November 2015

Dr. Athanasios Dimitriou, PhD (Bangor University, United Kingdom), COST FP1303, March-April 2016

Petter Stefansson, PhD candidate (Norwegian University of Life Science, Norway), COST FP1303, March 2016

Rene Herrera, PhD candidate (University of Basque Country, Spain), Trees for Future, March 2016

Dr. Dominika Janiszewska, PhD (Wood Technology Institute, Poland) COST FP1306, June 2016

Dr. Zuzana Zuzana Vidholdova, PhD (Technical University of Zvolen, Slovakia), Erasmus +, October 2016

Dr. Giacomo Goli, PhD (University of Florence, Italy), November 2016

Joanna Siuda, PhD candidate (University of Life Science, Poland) COST FP1407, June 2017

prof. Peter Niemz (Brener Fachhochschule, Switzerland), August 2017

Stefan Bockel, PhD candidate (Brener Fachhochschule, Switzerland), August 2017

Sebastien Josset, PhD (Henkel & Cie. AG, Switzerland), August 2017

Dr. Zuzana Zuzana Vidholdova, PhD (Technical University of Zvolen, Slovakia), August 2017

Christoph Wenderdel, PhD (
Institute for Wood Technology, Dresden, Germany) September-November 2017

Eng. Edward Pawlikowski (Warsaw Museum), October 2017

Dr. Zuzana Zuzana Vidholdova, PhD (Technical University of Zvolen, Slovakia), Erasmus +, November 2017

Dr. Marcin Brzezicki PhD (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland), COST FP1407, January 2018

Dr Agnieszka Landowska (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland), COST CA16226, March 2018

Dr Kelly Peeters (InnoRenew CoE, Slovenia), April 2018

prof. Veronika Kotradyová (Slovak Univeristy of Bratislava, Slovakia), Erasmus+ April 2018

Meint Kanis (Biel University of Applied Science, Switzerland), May 2018

Stefan Bockel (Biel University of Applied Science, Switzerland), May 2018

Dr. Triinu Poltimäe PhD (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia), May 2018, Erasmus +

Dr. René Herrera PhD (University of the Basque Country, Spain), June 2018

Involved laboratories:

Laboratory of surface characterization - dr Anna Sandak, dr Jakub Sandak

Laboratory of wood quality and non-destructive testing – dr. Martino Negri

Laboratory of wood drying and thermal treatment – dr Ottaviano Allegretti, dr Ignazia Cuccui

BIO4ever team

Anna Sandak - researcher profile

PhD in Forest Sciences (Wood Technology) from Poznan University of Life Sciences (Poland), Master of Science in biology from Mickiewicz University (Poland). Researcher at Trees and Timber Institute (IVALSA/CNR), coordinator of the Laboratory of Surface Characterization. Recently involved as leader of BIO4ever project.

Research interanna-foto-002ests include: - multi-aspect characterization of wood, with a special focus on wood chemistry; - application of different spectroscopic techniques (such as FT-NIR and FT-IR) for the characterization of lingo-cellulosic materials; - evaluation of bio-based products performance; - development of non-destructive spectroscopic system for wood provenance recognition; - novel systems for characterization of biomass quality; - monitoring of archaeological wood degradation; - evaluation of biodegradation of recycled paper; - assessment of genetically modified wood; - monitoring of wood weathering; - wood thermal treatment; - spectroscopic evaluation of moisture changes; - application of advanced chemometric techniques for data processing and data meaning among others.

memeber of several COST Actions: FP1006, FP1101, FP1303, FP1407, FP1405, TU1403 



 Jakub Sandak- researcher profile

Doctor of Philosophy in Bioproduction Science from Tottori University (Japan), Master of Science in Natural Resources Process Engineering from Shimane University (Japan), engineer of Wood Science and Technology from University of Life Sciences in Poznan (Poland). Carpenter from a third generation, for the moment researcher at IVALSA/CNR (Italy). Visiting scientist to FPInnovations (Canada), short term projects at Trento University (Italy) and BOKU University (Austria).

Research interest include (among others): - wood machining; - non-destructive testing; - surface engineering and characterization; - wood modification; - numerical modelling; - biomass valorisation; - chemometry; - applications of spectroscopic methods in wood science.

Kuba-foto-002Coordinator of following projects: - SWORFISH (420.000€) co-financed by Autonomous Province of Trento; - ISPM-15-NIR (50.000€) in collaboration with Federlegno (Italy); - BISYPLAN (33.000€) as a part of BIOENAREA/INTEREG.

Designer of unique laboratory equipment, such as: - 3D roughness scanner; - 3D gloss meter; - 3D sessile drop scanner; - sliding drop scanner (in cooperation with Trento University, Italy); - cutting edge scanner for woodworking tools; - robot assisting FT-NIR spectrometer; - among others.

Member of several COST Actions: COST E35 - WG member, COST E40 - WG leader, COST FP0904 -MC member, COST FP1006 - SC member, WG vice-leader, COST FP1101 - WG member, COST FP1303 - MC member, COST FP1407 MC member

 The scientific work is my life passion...



Marta Petrillo – researcher profile
Master of Science in 2012 in Forestry and Environmental Sciences at University of Turin (Italy). PhD in 
Physical Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland (2018). Research assistant from 2013 to 2015 at University of Zurich and WSL Institute (Birmensdorf, Switz
Marta_Foto_per_sitoerland) in an interdisciplinary research project about the decomposition of coarse woody debris in Alpine forest ecosystems (DecAlp D.A.CH).
Research interests include: soil science, plant-soil interactions, soil organic matter cycle and nutrients dynamics, effect of alien species on soil properties, woody debris decomposition, wood chemistry, dendrochronology, agroforestry and its ecosystem services.
I am interested in scientific communication, divulgation, teaching, environmental education.


Paolo Grossi - researcher profile

PhD in civil engineering from University of Trento (Italy). Involved in different research project focused on the characterization of mechanical properties of structural systems (Light timber frame walls, log houses).

The research activity was mainly focused on the resistance of residential buildings loaded by horizontal forces such as earthquake or wind.

Employed as designer/engineer in a company in timber building constructions. Post-Doc at Trees and Timber Institute (I

Research interest includes: Physical and mechanical characterization of timber – laboratory test setup tes
ting equipment.


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