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The BIO4ever project ended on September 22, 2018.

We are finalizing data analysis, publishing results and concluding our research activities at CNR-IVALSA.
The final deliverable: book entitled “Bio-based Building Skin” is under publishing process by Springer Nature and will be realized in spring 2019.

We would like to thank all project partners, COST actions FP1303, FP1407, TU1403 and visiting scientists for their great involvement. We are looking forward to collaborating with you in the close future.

I will be pleased to welcome you in my new working place at InnoRenew CoE in Slovenia, please free to contact me regarding future cooperation anna.sandak@innorenew.eu

The BIO4ever team member Marta Petrillo received
Ron Cockcroft Award (RCA) to participate in the IRG49 conference. The RCA is a merit-based programme to promote international awareness of developments in research in wood protection, by providing assistance towards travel and accommodation costs to selected persons enabling them to participate in IRG conferences.

Additionally, her oral presentation, being an output if the STSM funded by COST FP1407 “Long service life or cascading? The environmental impact of maintenance of wood-based materials for building envelope and their recycling options” by M Petrillo, J Sandak, P Grossi, A Kutnar, A Sandak, was appreciated by the IRG committee and she received Gareth Williams Award for best innovation presentation presented by young researchers and students.

The interview with Marta after receiving both awards
is available here:


How to define of the limit state of bio-based facades materials at different steps of their degradation?

Prof Veronika Kotradyová from Slovak Univeristy of Bratislava
presents her research during Erasmus+ stay


We are hosting two students from High School Martino Martini

“Hi! We are Ana Maria and Aurora. We are 16 years old. We attend the third class of the Scientific High School Martino Martini in Mezzolombardo.
We were working at CNR- Ivalsa for a period of two weeks in which we are doing stage. At CNR-Ivalsa there are lots of activities to do, that include many subjects like biology, chemistry, physics and also math. We like to be here and we have done lots of things that we have never experienced.”



Humans’ perception and preferences measurements
with wearable sensors

Dr Agnieszka Landowska from Gdansk University of Technology (Poland) visited our lab in order to perform STSM “Establishing procedure for measurement of elderly people preference
and acceptance of natural materials with wearable sensors”
within COST CA16226 SHELD-ON.

We investigated how natural materials and their attributes (color, texture) influence human perception. Wearable sensors were used to capture real time responses related to human sensitivity to selected materials.

Experimental data will be post-processed and analyzed
in order to develop measurement protocol to be later used
for fast screening of customer's preferences


“Bio-based building skin” editorial week

We are working on the book that will be published next year
by Springer. The book is dedicated for the wide audience including architects, engineers, designers and contractors.
It provides a compendium of the material properties, demonstrates several successful examples of bio-based materials application for building skin and provides inspiration for designing novel solutions.

Book co-author dr Marcin Brzezicki
from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in Poland
supported us with his comprehensive knowledge regarding facades morphology and tectonic.


We would like to invite researchers to submit their work to the special issue of Journal of Spectroscopy
“Portable Spectroscopic Equipment”
we were invited to prepare

The detailed description is under link


Marta Petrillo is among 13 young scientists, that received
Ron Cockroft Award in order to attend
to the International Research Group in Wood Protection (IRG-WP 49) meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa

Marta will present her work related to LCA calculation
for facades materials investigated within BIO4ever project 

Marta well done!


STSM: “Life cycle analysis of bio-based facades materials with a focus on in-service performance, maintenance requirements and end of service life”

conducted at InnoRenew CoE
funded by COST FP1407
STSM host: prof. Andreja Kutnar (InnoRenew CoE, Slovenia)
STSM applicant: Marta Petrillo


we have join COST RESTORE training school in Lancaster (UK) and have lern about restorative sustainability and biophilia



Marta and Paolo welcome in our team:)


Presentation during  
2nd edition of the WINTER SCHOOL



April 10th -14th 2017, Milan
detailed program:


BIO4ever members contribute to FP1407 Training School: Service life of modified wood - Understanding Test Methodologies


More info: 






STSM: “Development of a numerical model for computation of the weather dose in natural weathering of biomaterials” conducted at NMBU (Norway) 
funded by COST FP1303

STSM host: dr Ingunn Burud (NMBU, Norway)

STSM applicant: Jakub Sandak

Special thanks to dr Thomas Thiis (NMBU) and dr Dimitrios Kraniotis (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences)


BIO4ever project in the IRG-WP Newsletter - December 2016
for more info: http://www.irg-wp.com/newsletter-archive.html

STSM "Alternative trials for end-of-life bio-materials transformation" conducted at FCBA (France) 

funded by COST FP1407

STSM host: dr. Magdalena Kutnik (FCBA, France)

STSM Applicant: dr. Anna Sandak 



Special thanks to dr. Mathilde Montibus, dr. Cecile Brunet, dr. David Ansard, 
dr. Martine Gabille and dr. Ivan Paulmier

We have completed first year of BIO4ever project!

32 companies & research organizations from
17 countries provided samples of bio-materials
best performing on the building facades. Consequently, 120 various bio-materials are currently under investigation.

Research related to BIO4ever project was presented in 2 books contributions,
6 peer-reviewed journals and 18 conference papers

BIO4ever project presented in PLATINUM

National Research Council, Trees and Timber Institute (CNR- IVALSA)

in collaboration with

COST actions FP1303 and FP1407

and Italian Society for NIR Spectroscopy - SISNIR

 invite you for:

Workshop: Application of NIR spectroscopy 

in wood science and technology


NIR & WOOD – SOUNDS GOOD! – second edition

The purpose of the Workshop is to encourage dialogue at the international level and to exchange of experiences related to the research and applications of NIR spectroscopy for wood science and technology. The workshop covers all areas of bio-materials and related applications:

  • wood science and technology
  • tree breading
  • biomass/bio-energy
  • timber construction and material performance
  • cultural heritage
  • recycling & reuse of wood
  • wood modification
  • industrial application / process monitoring

A special focus of the second edition workshop is on the characterization of bio-materials and assessing environmental issues.

Participants are invited to present their case studies or NIR-related research activities. Please submit a max, two pages of abstract of the contribution (including figures) by March 20, 2016. The abstract will be finally formatted by the Editorial board. The workshop proceedings will be registered with ISBN number. Hand on session and demonstrations of the NIR instrumentation will be organized as a part of the Workshop.

There is no any conference fee foreseen. Limited number of COST travel grants will be available for the Workshop attendants. Please contact us for any further details.


Anna & Jakub Sandak

phone:           +39 0461 660232

e-mail:           sandak@ivalsa.cnr.it

the book of abstract is avaliable here: NIR_and_wood.pdf


BIO4ever and c-Space (project funded by European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nr 611040) have established a cooperation program. 

The objective of this cooperation is to demonstrate how the c-Space tools can support professionals in urban planning and architecture especially regarding their communication strategy and their capacity to offer a comprehensive and appealing vision of a project. The results will be used as an example of the potentialities of the c-Space technology in the context of the architectural design process. The tool developed within both projects will be dedicated for investors, architects, construction engineers, professional builders, suppliers and other relevant parties, including also final customers.

Researchers night Trento “Sensational Night”

Bio4ever contribute with demo and hands on - Materials perception

The activity explored people’s perception of naturalness for various building materials: solid wood products, processed/engineered wood, wood-based composites, modified wood, masonry, wallpaper, tiles, metal and plastic. We investigated how much transformation that the material undergoes during the production process influences the perceived naturalness.

More then 200 questioners were filled out!

BIO4ever is planning to investigate the performance of the novel bio-based building materials used for building envelopes. Special attention will be focused on products coupling different materials and those subjected to bulk and/or surface treatments. The set of selected bio-based materials will include: 

  • Thermally modified wood with varying treatment technologies (steam, vacuum, oil)
  • Bio-based panels
  • Wood-plastic composites
  • Chemically modified wood (acetylated, furfurylated)
  • Tannin/silane/silicone/biocides-impregnated wood
  • Wood coated with innovative coatings (including nano-products)
  • Other alternative bio-products that might be used for building facades.

 BIO4ever can offer to you detailed, multi-level characterization of your materials for free. If you are interested in contributing/collaborating, please contact Anna Sandak for more details.

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